Some Christians have become busy bodies in the church using their freedom in Christ as a tool of idleness and not excelling in any aspect of their lives. Others would also want to excel at the expense of not doing anything or working and yet desire to live expensive lifestyles without a support base.

Financial freedom calls for diligence, consistency, discipline, and a prudent lifestyle. As we pursue financial freedom for excellence, staying away from idleness, we should be mindful of these:

•           Academic excellence does not necessarily generate financial freedom.

•           The unexamined life is not worth living. Having an unplanned life and awkward conduct can make you poor in thought and deeds and stifle your excellence.

•           Having a huge amount of money on you does not make you rich, but, how you are able to invest the little resources you have in critical areas to generate further wealth creation.

•           Idleness has been a silent killer of the excellent pathway of many potential entrepreneurs.

•           Constancy of purpose on your part to a worthy course will keep you going at all sides.


•           How do I rate my Financial Freedom and Idleness in Life?