In as much as God is seeking souls for His kingdom, Satan is also in competition for more souls for its kingdom. The Babylonian exposition will not be complete without the mention of the four Hebrew boys who were among those in exile. There were many energetic persons who were also exiled but because these boys proved themselves as true servants of the Highest God, they are being celebrated today. How glorious it is if you’re celebrated for the right cause! The four Hebrew boys got names other than what they came to Babylon with. Sometimes, you’re given a name by your parents but times and situations can cause a change of your name. It’s no surprise for people to identify you more with your occupation, which is better or your disability, which is unfortunate. Regardless of how they see you, one thing stands sure, the Lord knows those who are His and anybody who has Christ is an overcomer.

To ensure that these boys’ names and religion are altered, the Babylonian authorities did all they could to change their names to that of their gods. Daniel (God is my judge) became Belteshazzar- Bel, protect his life. Hananiah (The Lord shows grace) became Shadrach- Under the command of Aku, ie the moon god. Mishael (Who is like God?) became Meshak- Who is like Aku? Finally, Azariah (The Lord helps) was named Abednego- Servant of Nebo, the god of learning and writing. Their captors did all these to change them from Judah’s God to the Babylonian gods but they couldn’t change their God.

What was the motivation for these guys to embrace captivity and not to do things that would please their captors? It is very possible they considered their present situation as transient and that they would one day return to worship their God in Jerusalem again. Also, they realized that even if they did not return from exile alive, they would die and meet their Maker, who by His sovereign will has given them rules to obey and live.

Those who are being celebrated for divine feats are people who stood tall against the odds. Where do you put God in times of adversity, trials or temptation? Does God remain your God when you’re tempted? For us to become like the four Hebrew boys, we need to grow in the Lord. We must know that the law of the Lord is always perfect and once God does not change, His Word will also never change. Come someday, Jesus will return to judge the fallen world or we may die to face judgment. We must therefore live as pilgrims on this planet earth because we’ll surely go back home one day as the mature bride of Christ.