Spiritual improvement is a process of growth in Christ. God gives us strength and grace to grow during the process. As Christians, our purpose is to strive for the prize of righteousness in Christ Jesus because God promises spiritual improvement through an eternal relationship with Him.

As a child, Samuel served in the Temple, ministering to God with the priest Eli. Samuel sought God when Eli’s sons sought their own way (1 Sam. 2:12). He was always beside the Ark of God in the temple making the presence of God his abode. The Sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas, were worthless and despised the offering system, treating the Lord’s offering with contempt but Samuel regarded the Holy things of God as he ministered (1 Sam. 2:18).

The outcome of Samuel’s spiritual development was that he grew in stature and in favour with the Lord and with people (1 Sam. 2:26) and finally became the youngest prophet. Samuel continued to have a good relationship with God and none of his words fell to the ground (whatever Samuel said was fulfilled). Because of his daily commitment to improve upon his spiritual life through prayer and meditation of the Word of God, the Lord continued to appear at Shiloh and there, he revealed himself to Samuel through his word (1 Sam. 3:19-21).

As young people, we should develop the habit of improving ourselves spiritually through daily personal devotions, consistent fasting, commitment to a life of prayer, Scripture memorization, meditation, small group meetings, reading through the Bible, application of the word of God, and many more. When we continue to practice these principles, “Then you will win favour and a good name in the sight of God and man”. Proverbs 3:4.