Our journey on knowing betting and exposing it began yesterday, where we looked at its general overview. As we continue the journey, we want to look at the misconceptions people have about betting. Proponents of betting hold on to some fallacies or misconceptions.

One of the misconceptions of betting is that “it is an investment”. Which investment has a loser and a winner with a stake? And how can you lose your money to a company which doesn’t run at a loss? Betting companies are money seeking companies. They don’t invest the monies they take. They are only playing on the minds of those whose hearts are after money on a probability basis. It is just like the analogy of a rodent who sees a food poisoned to kill it. The rodent sees satisfaction while the fowler stares at it as a death trap.

A true investment does not need your money but wants your money. No betting company has the interest of the customer in mind (they are not there to make you rich) so the money ploughed in cannot be termed as an investment Also, some people say “God approves of betting because His Spirit came upon Sampson who had bet with the Philistines, to the effect that by the power of the Holy Spirit, he killed to fulfil the terms of the bet” (Judges 14:12-13, GNT). It is worth noting that God is faithful to his ordinations. The Spirit of God came upon Sampson for the covenant of His ordination’s sake, not because God approved of the act.

The fact that God’s covenant with a man speaks for him doesn’t mean God is always working with him. It is one thing to walk with God and it is another thing to walk in your gifting and assignments. Therefore, do not be deceived but remain in the message of holiness and trust in God.