Love is the greatest; brotherly love is the final stage of maturity. If we can love one another well, we must understand these ‘don’ts’ of brotherly love.

  • Love is not jealous so don’t suspect rivalry in love. You must not be perturbed when others are judged to be better than you.
  • Love does not seek its own so don’t be selfish but rather show concern for the welfare of others.
  • Love is neither proud nor conceited so don’t boast about your achievements or take credit for what you didn’t do.
  • You must behave yourself well to other people as love is not ill-mannered. You must also always display acceptable behaviour and attitude.
  • Love is not irritable so don’t be easily provoked. You must not be touchy or quick to take offense.
  • Love does not keep account of evil so learn to blink over the wrong done you and learn to forgive.
  • Love does not rejoice with evil so don’t rejoice with evil. Always stand for the truth and do not condone to sin. Do not also celebrate when things go bad for people.