Some years ago, there was a message circulating on social media titled: “the day Einstein feared may have finally arrived”. In this message was a quote, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction…” and a picture of about eight different groups of young people looking intently on their phone screens, obviously isolated from each other and their environments.

Though the authenticity of the quote above attributed to the famous inventor, Albert Einstein, has been strongly challenged by several people, the accuracy of this quote has never been a source of contention even until now. The irony of our time is such that social media and the internet have connected people more than anything in the history of humankind, yet today people are lonelier and isolated more than ever. Social media has provided such a distraction from real life on a philosophy that virtual is real.

This is why it is not surprising that people have now found solace and an “escape route” to their environment in social media anytime they feel uncomfortable or bored with it, even during church meetings. To such people, this is the best place to vent their emotions. This is hurting relationships in every sphere of life: parents and children, marriages, families, friends and even our relationship with God. Ecclesiastes 3 makes it plain and simple: there is time for everything. As Christians, we need to make good use of our time and avoid a false balance.