The week focused on how Christians of today can possess the nations with kingdom values and principles as Jesus continued to do through the Apostles. It all begins with a better understanding of the Great Commission which is to reach the ends of the earth.

We must see the Church of Jesus Christ as a movement and not a monument where we affect beyond our immediate environment.  As a result, we must behave like Peter by dropping our physical sword for the spiritual sword which can harvest more souls with the cutting of the hearts for transformation.

The week further made us know that we do not wear a mask anymore when we pick the spiritual sword. We then become genuine believers without any shred of hypocrisy. This is important in our quest to influence the nations with truth and honesty.

We were also told to break any imaginary boundaries from our minds when it comes to presenting the message to kings, chiefs and traditional rulers. We learned that the nations with their kings can also come to the light of Jesus in judgment day when we take the message of the cross to palaces now.

Finally, we saw that to be able to do all these we need to have a heart of service and hospitality towards our ‘Joppa’ [community] first then to the ends of the earth.