The journey of life is very short, yet God has given us various giftings, talents, abilities as well as opportunities to maximize the limited time at our disposal. God has blessed everyone with the breath of life and placed us at strategic places in the home, school, workplace, communities and in the church. Since there is a day of accountability, it therefore behooves on us to prioritize and invest our energies in the things that will have eternal significance. Some of the pursuits we looked at during the week were:

  • The pursuit of Wisdom
  • The pursuit of Diligence
  • The pursuit of Eternal Rewards
  • The pursuit of Integrity
  • The pursuit of Knowledge and Skill
  • The pursuit of a Good Legacy

If you do well to make the above pursuits your primary aim and objective, they will culminate in not only securing you eternal significance, but also you would have contributed to the Possessing the Nations agenda in transforming many lives and shaping the destinies of many people through your actions.