This week we have looked at God’s mind on money. We have learnt that God has blessed humankind with riches and wealth. God blessed Abraham in gold, silver and animals. His desire is for you to be rich. He wants us to acknowledge that it is He who gives us the power to be rich. Rich people are not to be arrogant and proud. They must not put their hope in their money but must totally rely on God and put their trust in Him.

We have also studied that money is good but we are not to love money. The love of money is the root of all evil. Because of the love of money many have deserted the faith and inflicted themselves with grief and pain. We must live a godly life of contentment. We brought nothing into the world

and we cannot take anything out of it. God will take care of you, just trust in Him.

Again, we have learnt that we are the stewards of our money. Good stewards take good care of another’s property. The money we have belongs to God. Even though you used your strength, wisdom and hard work to acquire that wealth, the money belongs to God. It is the Lord who gave you the strength and wisdom to excel financially. We shall account for what the Lord has entrusted into our hands.

Furthermore, we also found out this week that we need to work hard to get money. Solomon advised the sluggard to learn from the ant and be wise. Ants don’t have rulers and overseers, yet they work hard to store up their food. God will always bless the diligent hands. You must arise and work hard and God will bless you.

Finally, we must honour God with our money. The money you have today was given to you by God and you need to honour Him with it. You honour God with your money by supporting the needy in your community. You honour Him by paying your tithes faithfully and also giving to support the kingdom business. You must do that with a willing and a cheerful heart, for the Lord loves the cheerful giver.