We began our devotion by examining the need to sustain our spirituality in a new environment where we saw that Samson (Judges 14:1-6) did not sustain his spirituality but followed his desires. We also got to know of the secret of spiritual growth as a means of sustaining our spirituality. We were encouraged to abide in Christ Jesus (John 15:1-4) and He will also abide in us. We realized that we must abide in Christ through consistent fellowship with Him. We must remain focused on our walk with God to be well built in Christ.

In Sustaining your Spirituality: The Act of Holiness, we learnt that because God is holy, He expects that we also become holy. We studied also that the act of holiness is obedience to God. In God’s Word: Divine tool for your Spirituality, we were encouraged to engage Scripture daily. We must be hungry for His Word and desire to study it daily.

To sustain your spirituality, we learnt again that you must grow in His presence. Samuel distinguished himself because his growth was engendered in the presence of the Almighty God. As a carrier of Christ, you grow spiritually in His presence by your consistent devotion to his word, meditation and prayer, and surrounding yourself with Christ centered resources.

Finally, in developing your spiritual life, we emphasized two basic things: reading your Bible and praying every day.