This entire week, our devotion has been focused on dealing with third parties in a marital relationship. In the Garden of Eden, we saw God institute the very first marriage. The involvement of God in our quest to find a suitable helper cannot be overlooked. We have established that the active involvement of other people besides the husband and wife can be detrimental to the marriage. God is the only person whose active participation in a marriage guarantees its success. We have learnt that the persons or things which infringe upon the marriage are called third parties. A couple should take charge of their home and manage it by themselves. House helps or family members, who assist in doing chores at home, should not be left to run the affairs of the home because the couple is busy with work.

Spouses should build an effective communication channel to meet each other’s needs in order not to give third parties a foothold. Social media is a platform for meeting other people and sharing fellowship. However, it can also pose a threat to the marriage, if couples do not resolve to honour God in the way they conduct themselves on social media. Couples are encouraged to make their electronic devices accessible to their partners, in order to avoid suspicions and mistrust. The marital relationship will last and be enjoyed if both partners decide to limit the influence of third parties in their marriage.