Throughout the week, we have looked at ‘doctrinal maturity’. The topic discussed on Monday is adhering to the apostolic doctrine for spiritual maturity. It is vigorously believed that the right doctrine received, believed, and practised determines a person’s character, behaviour and habit in this world. We are, therefore, entreated to sincerely rest on doctrinal understanding and appropriate the word of God into our lives for spiritual maturity.

In addition, the subsequent day pleads for young Christians to mature in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Also, the saving grace must be valued and built on knowledge of the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ to experience doctrinal maturity. Our doctrinal maturity is seen from the transformation of our lives to reflect the image of Christ. Furthermore, Christians must graduate from their understanding of basic elementary doctrines to advance doctrines for spiritual doctrinal growth.

All believers must develop themselves to be consistent in studying biblical doctrines. You must reach a level of your Christian journey to be able to explain what they believe and why they practice what they believe. A good comprehension of the doctrine of sanctification by all and sundry shall enable you as a Christian to live a life devoid of transgressions and iniquities. As young believers, we must be obedient to the undiluted Word of God and yield to the leadings of the Holy Spirit for progressive sanctification.

The five ways, namely moral, spiritual, mental, relational, and physical aspects point to the image and likeness of God as a man. Understanding the doctrine of man as a created being allows you to relate to God with all your soul, spirit, and body as a true believer. Maturing in the doctrine of perseverance calls for endurance and constant continuation of the faith we profess. Finally, you must be studious in studying the systematic doctrines of God to experience doctrinal maturity.