This week we have looked at some excerpts from the book of Esther. We have learnt that we should give credit to people who are due and not take people’s glory. This was what Esther did for Mordecai (2:22) and through that, God saved Mordecai and the entire Jewish race from being destroyed. 

Again, we learnt that when things seem to have turned against us and it even appears that God has deserted us, we should not faint or give up, for the God we serve is alive and He will surely come to our aid at His own appointed time. We saw a clear example in Mordecai who wore sackcloth (a sign of mourning) but when God’s time came, he was dressed in royal apparel. It was also realized that the Jews fasted in their time of grief to pray to God but at the end, they feasted. There is a feast after every fast.

Moreover, we also learnt that it is not an accident for us to be where we are today. Rather, by divine design, we are there to fulfill a divine mandate. We should therefore prepare ourselves as instruments in the hands of God ready to do the Master’s will just as Esther became queen so that through her the Jews were rescued from being annihilated. 

Also, we learnt that planning evil for others is not good and have dire consequences. We are therefore admonished not to avenge but to think good for all persons including our perceived “enemies.” When Haman plotted to hang Mordecai on a pole, he ended up being hanged on the same pole he prepared for Mordecai.

Finally, we learnt that as children of God, we are blessed beyond curse. We should therefore keep our ways right with God and He will save us from any plot of the evil one.