This week we have learnt about self-improvement. We got to know that it is the process a person adopts to make him/herself better and that all successful people are people who always improve themselves. One of the areas we can improve ourselves is our spiritual lives and we do this through regular devotion, fasting, prayers and the study of the Word of God. Developing our talent is also one way of achieving the improvement we want. This can be done by continuously making use of the talent that God has put in us, so that it will always be sharpened.

We also learnt that physical development is important, as our healthy bodies are needed to fulfil our purposes. We can gain this physical improvement through regular exercise, good rest and a good diet. We were also admonished to work on our character. We do this by submitting to wise counsel, while getting rid of negative character traits like anger, laziness, childish attitudes, disrespectfulness, disorganized lifestyle, gossip, greed, pride, hostile behaviour, impatience.

Finally, we understood the importance of self-improvement as building our self-confidence thus making us a blessing to many. It also produces in us self-awareness, and greater resilience against the issues of our days and helps us to build more fulfilling relationships.