By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, this week has been absolutely incredible. It’s an honour to delve into what excellence entails and how we can maximize our academic potential. We must realize that God is very interested in everything about us, including our academics. We must never take our academics lightly because it is a powerful weapon that allows us to turn our world upside down. Academics cannot be overlooked when it comes to possessing nations, hence the need for us to be diligent. As youth, we must be hungry for academic excellence and never neglect it for any reason.

Excellence must be our goal, and it must drive us to never settle for less. Why accept second best when you can be the best? We also examined key principles that will help us achieve academic excellence: association, belief system, diligence, and choice. You must choose and decide to strive for excellence. Nothing happens unless we force it to! We also discussed time management. There are many activities that can help us but if we are not careful, they may end up being distractions, so it is critical that we prioritize [first things first].

We examined the God factor: The Spirit of excellence. What a Spirit you have! He bestows upon us a supernatural ability to break through while also altering our living. Engage God in your studies. Involve God and be diligent! Choose to do something different from the previous years. Youth! Hey brother! Hey sister! The entire world is counting on you to manifest God through your studies.