We have come to understand that the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ has been of great essence to us in opening a new portal of understanding of kindness; that the true kindness God wants us to express more perfectly is the kind that extends to the least deserved; not giving only to people who are able to give back to you, not opening up your heart to only your friends and the neutral but also opening up your heart of kindness to your enemies. This is the kind of life that pleases God.

Kindness is a component of the fruit of the Spirit. It is the very nature of God and He (God) expects that we manifest His nature. This distinguishes us from mere men. God wills that we exhibit kindness to the degree to which people will conclude that we are not ordinary human beings.

As we are being daily transformed into the image and the fullness of the stature of Christ, we ought to know that kindness is not in words but in action(s) and hence we must act out the God-kind of kindness that we profess.

In showing kindness, we are urged to do so unconditionally. In other words, we should do so without expecting anything in return. The Lord Himself will reward all acts of kindness because He is a just God and our labour of love will surely not be in vain. Whatever act of kindness we show, we ought to do so unto the Lord our God and not unto reception of the same. It is the reason why God encourages us not to trumpet our acts of goodness because the Lord who knows what we do in secret is able to reward us openly.

Even in these perilous times, we ought to let go of all fear, doubt, division, discrimination, and the like and pursue kindness, knowing that our good Lord has not given us the spirit of fear, but His own Spirit that bears the fruit of kindness which we ought to manifest at all times and to all manner of people. Under no circumstance should we segregate our kindness to a particular group of people or to only our fellow believers, rather, we must show kindness to all manner of persons.

We ought to maximize our efforts in ensuring that we do not get weary of showing kindness to all manner of people and instead continually extend a gesture of kindness to everyone as a never-ending act of love as our Lord does and enables us to do through His Spirit.