Throughout this week, we focused on Christianity and Politics. Through the exposition, we learnt that because of what the Bible teaches and the inevitability of its effect on our well-being, culture and aspirations, Christians must care about politics and develop a positive attitude towards it. We also saw that the Christian worldview speaks to all areas of life. We discovered that a person’s worldview as a Christian must speak to all areas of life, including political engagement.

Both the Old and the New Testaments speak about civil government and provide examples of faithful engagements by great men of God. Again, we learnt that politics is unavoidable because it has real-world implications for Christian evangelism, missions and preaching the gospel. Therefore, Christians ought to engage in the political process by leveraging their rightful authority and advocating for laws and policies that contribute to human flourishing.

The other topic we studied is about loving your neighbour. To achieve this, we must make a conscious effort to be part of the process that formulates policies and laws which protect unborn
children, strengthen marriages and families, advocate for the vulnerable, and provide an opportunity for the growth and development of the individual. We also looked at how the Government restrains evil and promotes good. Apostle Paul makes it very clear that the Government derives its authority from God to promote good and not evil.

Finally, we looked at having the right motives in politics. We saw that we can keep our motives pure as Christians in politics by continually surrendering every part of our hearts to the control of the Holy Spirit.