Our study this week focused on Christianity and corruption. We learnt that corruption is the bane of national development. In this dark world of sin, those who profess Christ must rise and reflect who they possess. Christians cannot afford to fail their nation. We must arise and say no to this canker that has sunk its teeth into every fiber of society. Believers must live on integrity.

In this sex craze world where all sorts of corrupt and sexually explicit materials sell more than honesty, the remnants in the land (those who possess Christ) must hold on to godly integrity and shine as light. We have been called to reflect the image of God in this world. We are moved by the word of God to shun and put away the old self and put on the new self, which is clothed in integrity and righteousness, serving the will and purpose of God in this generation.

It starts with you, yes you. May the Lord help us to uphold His word and serve our generation in integrity! It is about pleasing the Heavenly Father. We are sons and daughters of purpose, bought and redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Arise, shine, child of God for your light has come. God is calling you unto the newness of heart and mind which would transform our communities.