Throughout this week, we have been looking at the topic “The holistic Christian Student’’. We started by looking at how man was created in God’s image. Christ, who is the image of God, became the main
example in our quest to become holistic Christian students. We learnt that because God created us in His image, we possess several abilities and it is God’s intention that we develop all these abilities so that we would be ready for good works.

We focused on how to live a holistic Christian life as students by developing our spiritual, intellectual, social and physical capabilities. It was intimated that we must be intentional about developing these
skills as they do not come automatically. From the life of Daniel and his colleagues, we realise that it is very possible as Christians to pursue academic success and yet be very spiritual. As Christian youths, it
is clear that we cannot neglect our responsibility to take care of our bodies anymore. As we focus on doing all these, we must not also forget that we are social beings, hence the need for us to develop our
relevant social skills to help us live peacefully with all men.

We also came to the conclusion that God’s purpose for our holistic development is to prepare us for every good work. When we develop ourselves in a holistic manner, we become examples to our generation, who cannot resist our influence. From all that has been said this week, we can define the holistic Christian student as the one who reflects the
image of God in every sphere of life.