This week, we have carefully studied the Bible and what makes the Bible a unique book in comparison to all other books.

The Bible though written by approximately forty (40) human authors over a period of about one thousand five hundred (1500) years is the only book that carries with it so much consistency. This is only possible because the supreme author is God Himself. He used men and women in different generations to achieve His ultimate goal.

The Bible attests to the fact that it is divinely inspired. It is free from contradictions and errors. It is sufficient in itself on all matters of faith and morality. It is impossible to bypass the Bible to receive any credible response. Many constitutions across the world have used the Bible as a guide in enacting moral laws. The Bible affirms itself as wholly the Word of God.

If there is a time that believers need to rely totally on God’s Word for guidance, then it is now. We must daily spend time with the Word of God because it is only in that that we can be built up and be truly successful in life.