This week we have learnt about fruitful Christian living. We learnt that fruitfulness has been God’s desire for man right from creation. When God blessed man to be fruitful and multiply, God put into man all that is needed to be fruitful. Again, we learnt that, just as a branch of a tree cannot bear fruit in isolation, so the Christian cannot be fruitful without abiding in Christ. Therefore, the only sure way to bear fruit is to abide in Jesus.

We are not only to be fruitful but also our fruits should remain. This means that the result of our labour should not be temporary but permanent for mankind. We have not been called to be a ‘nine-day’ wonder kind of workers but to ensure that our works remains throughout all generations.

We also learnt that there are good and bad fruits. However, we are admonished to make conscious efforts to bear fruit of the Spirit because we have the seed of Christ in us and make our light shine throughout the earth, for this brings glory to our Father in heaven. Again, we are admonished to eschew the works of the flesh and avoid the danger of becoming fruitless Christians.