This week has really been very amazing. We have been looking at “Being a Channel of Blessing.” We have understood that, God always needs a medium through which his goodness, protection and approval will be seen in the whole world and the plan and method is always MAN.

We learnt about how Abram became a channel of blessing to his family by taking Lot along with him when he was instructed by God to leave his home. Abram knew whom God had made him and was ready to help Lot to rise to that same standard so that he could also be a channel of blessing. We gleaned important lessons from Abraham, who went through so many challenges because of who he was (channel of blessing). We are therefore encouraged not to give up in our present situation, because, persecutions and sufferings are part of our walk with God but, there is glory awaiting us.

We also got to learn about the attitudes and position required of persons who are channels of blessing. Here we got to realize that Mary had met the standard of God, making her highly favoured in the sight of God. This means that to be a channel of blessing, one has to put in an effort to live a holy life wherever he/she finds him/herself.

Lastly, we got to know that the God’s intentions for our lives are to make us channels of blessings to the world and that is where we are heading towards.