Growth is expected of every living thing and more particularly, the desire of every parent is to see their children grow to become probably better than them. In the same vein, God wants his children to attain the status of His Beloved Son in word and in deed. Throughout the week, we have been studying some elements of growth in the Christian walk with Christ. It’s not enough to confess Christ as Lord and personal Saviour. A lot is projected of the believer if s/he really wants to grow and bear lasting fruits.

Tasting the Lord’s goodness means that we have to feed on him always, it’s not a one-time event. Every person that accepts Christ as Saviour is considered a new creation, the old is passed away and the new has come. This means that the believer is seen as someone who is now starting a fresh life in the Kingdom of God, a life that is prescribed by the statutes of God and lived up well by the unwavering assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Living things need a good environment which visibly promotes sunlight, air and food for adequate growth. As we are in Christ, we are to create a good environment where we can easily access the word of God daily, engage in fasting and prayer, esteem worldly pleasures lightly and live an honest life. We also learnt that the moment we attach so much importance to a person or a thing over the time we spend with God, we’ve made an idol out of it. If we are to grow well as believers, then we must make God the centre of our whole being.

The crux of this exposition is for believers to understand their calling and to ensure that we eschew envy, slander and deceit. Indeed, we must be fully grounded in God to the extent that nothing would ever cause us to denounce our avowed faith. We must not allow situations to change our faith.