We have taken a look at love and infatuation in this week’s devotion. We have learnt that marital love elicits some emotional responses but it is not limited to just an emotion. There are very important attributes of love as seen in God’s love for mankind. We learnt the important traits of love that distinguishes true love and make it everlasting. True love is evident when attributes such as patience, sacrifice, politeness, humility etc. are present. Infatuation on the other hand is basically made up of emotions such as excitement and passion. Mere infatuation is short lived as it dwells unrealistically on the perfect expectations of the one who feels it.

We again learnt that love is a choice we make daily, to be committed to someone for the rest of our lives. We must remain faithful to that decision by making the right daily choices and intentionally grow that love. Though infatuation dies out quickly, human love can also die out if it is not natured and watered. We need divine assistance in choosing a life partner so the decision to commit to love should be done prayerfully.