Our focus on the week has been on the young person and the local church. We have learnt that the young person forms part of God’s agenda to possess the nations. We started the week by looking at the home of Eli the Priest. We said Eli was disappointed by his children. They let him down. However, Samuel did not imitate their bad behaviour. He lived for God. We tried to drum home the fact that God uses prepared vessels and not necessarily older people.

On Tuesday, we looked at the story of Samuel again, this time from another angle. We looked at the direction he (Samuel) was given by the ‘Senior Priest’ Eli. When God called Samuel three continuous times, Samuel had to run to Eli. Eli realised that it was God who wanted to talk to the young Samuel and He (Eli) had to give the young Samuel some directions. Our fathers have so much up their sleeves. We only need to get closer to them to tap into the wealth of experience they have.

We also looked at the young person and the Great Commission on Wednesday. We learnt that the Great Commission is the charge to all Christians including the young person. We are encouraged from here to share the word of God with our mates in the lecture halls, dormitories, hostels etc. as we possess the campuses, friends and families for our God.

We also touched on the use of talents and gifts on Thursday. We learnt that God expects us to put all talents and gifts in us to good use at our local churches. The young person must not warm benches

in the church. We need to put all our gifts and talents to use for the general good of the body of Christ (Church).

On Friday, we touched on the young person and leadership. We shared that leadership is not a preserve for grown-ups only. We were encouraged that at age 16, Uzziah became the King in Jerusalem. He discharged his responsibility with excellence. We are encouraged further to have all our focus on Jesus and that if we focus on Him, we shall surely succeed in our mandate as leaders. We were encouraged that the young person has so much in him and that it was a matter of availability, commitment and total focus on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.