We began the week by defining setting as the time, place and circumstance in which an activity or event takes place. Simply, wherever we find ourselves could be called our setting. These include the structure governing the place and all the people in the place at the time of our presence in that environment. Taking over our settings for Christ, like the possessing of the nation’s agenda, is to live out the principles and values of the kingdom of God in every sphere of life we find ourselves to manifest the glory of our God before all to bring glory to our God and in the event win some men and women we relate with into the kingdom of God.

This calls for a conscious effort on our part to determine in our hearts to overcome every opposition we may face in the pursuit of this mandate God has given us. We must be ready to deny ourselves some comfort, declare our identity and stand for the Lord at all times and check the type of association we join as” bad company corrupt good morals” as the Bible says. It might seem at times that you are being disadvantaged in your choice to stand for the Lord. But keep trusting, He would glorify you at the end by meeting all your needs and vindicating you from all accusations.

If other characters discussed this week were able to stand, and took over their settings for the Lord in their time, we can also do the same with the help of the same God that helped them in our generation as well. We have no excuse s. We are to make all men disciples of our Lord. Be part of this end time army of the Lord.