Throughout this week we have been looking at receiving new things from God as we seek to forget the former things and press on to the future for our heavenly call and mandate.

Using Israel as a case study we saw how they became so familiar with God that they started thinking for Him. We learnt that we not to customize the ways and doings of God for ourselves even if we feel we know Him and His ways too well.

There are two things we easily see when we look back! We see both the good and bad memories. While the good memories can make you complacent, the bad memories can equally make you get disappointed and frustrate your future aspirations.

The antidote, therefore, is what Paul prescribes in Philippians 3:13 that we should forget the things behind us (good and bad) and rather reach forth to what is ahead.

We also learnt that in our quest to receive the new things God is about doing, we should give Him our fullest attention. This act makes us leave our immediate environment of familiarity and sight to the unknown and more permanent zone by faith.