The week’s devotion took a look at discovering your full potential by committing oneself to the process of self-improvement with Christ as your guide. That is sail your own ocean with Christ at the centre, and being the best person that you can be.

We reflected on the talents as epitomised by Jesus in Mathew 25:14- 30, and discovered that, servants who maximised their potential God- given talents were rewarded with a double portion. This indicates that God admires hard work and commends any efforts at enhancing the already endowed talents within us. It also became visible that Satan could be the greatest hindrance to achieving our potential.

He operates through our sense organs to form a false image of ourselves. Gazing at Christ through reading of the scriptures, and committing ourselves to a life of prayer and hard work will produce success. Making efforts to try again after failing several times in areas of vocation and other academic disciplines will be helpful.