This week, we have learnt about “Studying to Impact your Generation.” We learnt that studying to impact your generation means to be intentional or deliberate about what you learn in order for other people in your generation to also benefit from your knowledge. We were encouraged to study the Bible, academic materials, Christian literature and other materials that will be beneficial us and to society. We also learnt that we must put God first in our studies. We should not put God aside and think that we only went to school to learn. The truth is that you cannot ignore God and succeed because our battle in this life is not against flesh and blood.

We were also encouraged to abound in knowledge and wisdom. We were exhorted to choose knowledge and wisdom above rubies, silver and gold. Even though these items are very precious, they cannot be compared to knowledge and wisdom. Again, we learnt that if we can make progress and be successful in life, we cannot just do things anyhow, and so we must commit ourselves to our studies and be diligent in it. That way, our progress will be evident by the grace of God.

Moreover, we are to utilise technology in our studies to make us more efficient and be abreast with of the times. Technology provides us with easy access to information, accelerates learning, and provides fun opportunities to practise what we learn. Christians are supposed to impact others with the knowledge they have acquired in order to perpetuate it for societal benefit and transformation. This means that it is important to acquire knowledge but knowledge acquisition should not only be intended to help ourselves but to impact our generation.