Throughout this week, we have been looking at whom a God-chaser is, gleaning useful lessons from some biblical examples. God-chasers are people who have a demonstrable desire to knowing, following, and living for God no matter the cost. Their minds and hearts are set on heavenly things and not on earthly things. For God-chasers, their desire is to quench their spiritual thirst, and they seek to find ways to achieve this. They ask questions like, “When and how can I see God for myself?”

God-chasers remain resolute and focused no matter the circumstances that surround them. Enoch was one such example. Despite the increase of evil in his days and the fact that he lived as any ordinary man as a father, husband and worker, he chose to walk with God. He refused to be distracted, and eventually God took him away. Elisha followed Elijah closely till he had a double portion of Elijah’s anointing, unlike the sons of the prophet, who followed at a distance. Indeed, spiritual virtues are free but not cheap, and these will elude nonchalant Christians unless they repent of their attitude.

Again, we learnt from the life of Ezra the trilogy of every God-chaser: they Study, Observe and Share the word of God. Ezra dedicated his entire life to studying, living and teaching God’s word to the people of his day. God-chasers are not only interested in memorizing scriptures, but also living it out as that attracts the hand of God upon their lives. Similarly, Anna dedicated the prime of her entire life praying and worshipping in the temple up to a good old age of eighty-four years. God-chasers do not go on retirement when it comes to spiritual activities. They are bent on serving God to death.

The Church in Berea also presents us an example of whom a God-chaser is. For them, beyond the Sunday and weekly church meetings, they take the initiative to examine the scriptures to see that what is being preached from the pulpit truly reflects the tenet of scripture. They do not swallow everything preached from the pulpit hook, line and sinker, but test them to see whether they are of God. Will the church today rise to such mature standard of seeking God first in all things and living out for him? Be a God-chaser!