We thank God for seeing us through a beautiful week studying on Jesus Christ, who is the resurrection and the life. This is the fifth of the seven claims of Jesus Christ. This claim came about when Martha told Jesus that if Jesus had come to Bethany earlier when message was sent to him about Lazarus sickness, Lazarus would not have died. Jesus responded by claiming that He is the resurrection and the life. Jesus did not only say this but proved to Martha as such when He raised Lazarus from the death. This a joyous moment for the family of Lazarus. However, the beauty of the resurrection claim of Jesus was at its peak when Jesus resurrected from the death. Again, Jesus saying He is the life implies that He is the source of life. Life emanates from Him. In Him is life, and the life was the light of men –John 1:14. Whoever follows Jesus will never die. Though physically he will die, eternally he will live, Hallelujah.

Despite the theories propounded to refute the resurrection story, there are evidences strong enough to prove that Jesus resurrected. Such evidences include the empty tomb, the strips of the linen used to wrap Jesus body, the story of the women, Jesus appearances, His ascension and the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Jesus after His resurrection appeared almost 17th times to different people at different occasions. Jesus resurrected and He offers this same resurrection and life to anyone who believes in Him. Christ is calling you to eternal life of salvation.