This entire week, our devotion has been focused on ‘Emulating the Compassion of Christ’. God by giving us new life, has imparted the very nature of Christ unto us. Therefore, we are able to show forth compassion as the Father wills. In fact, God shows His compassion towards mankind through us because we have been made for the praise of His glory. This compassion should move us to minister the truth of God’s Word to people and also urge us to crave and minister the gifting of God to people, for their liberation.

We reckon that, God takes us through certain situations of life, whether they seem good or bad, to put us in a better position to help   others. As we help others, we might not readily see the fruit of our effort yield, but ours is to obey God and sow seeds of compassion to   those God has brought in our lives, and allow God Himself to cause these seeds to grow.

Compassion is spiritual, as it is the divine nature of God; a communicable attribute. Therefore, in order to walk in perpetual compassion and not give up, we need to walk by the Spirit through prayer and meditation on the Word of God and obey once God grants   us the opportunity to minister compassion to someone. Beloved, let   us constantly be reminded that we are letters written by God’s Spirit   for the reading of everyone that at least, we may win some.