EXPOSITION: The key focus of the week had been on, “Growing the leader in you.” And from the various themes discussed, we have been enlightened on how we can grow as Christian leaders to influence our immediate  environment and world at large in our quest of possessing the nations.  Examining the work of the farmer, we gleaned some pertinent lessons from the farmer by considering the various disciplines undertaken in  the field.

Growing the leader in us as Christian leaders begins with our  discovery of the potential for leadership embedded in us. And so  the firm foundation was laid for us to come to the knowledge of the  seed of leadership, which was hidden within us as a blessing through creation. However, this blessing was lost because of sin. Thankfully, we have been reinstated to our original state through Christ Jesus.

The inherent seed of leadership will only manifest out when we make personal effort and strive to provide a suitable environment for growth – by preserving ourselves in holiness. Like Daniel, we are  admonished to keep on watering our seed of leadership in us through prayer. Prayer nourishes the seed and prepares it for sprouting. Proper nurturing of the young plant is very important in securing  its growth unto maturity.

Therefore, we must endeavour to nurture ourselves with the Word of God as we grow as Christian leaders. In addition, like the farmer, we must intentionally make effort to deal with any weed that has the potential of suppressing our growth in leadership and also make ourselves available for pruning by matured Christian leaders and the Holy Spirit. With all these disciplines rightly  in place, we would be able to grow into Christian leaders who yield godly fruit of character and conduct to God’s glory.