Glory to God for the hope he offers through his son Jesus Christ to all who call on him. Our experiences with scriptures this week have brought to bear that, troubling times are part of our Christian walk and that through these trying moment we become like gold tried in fire; we become more like Christ. We become purified and shine brighter. Like president JFK said, “the word “crisis” is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity”. We have learnt that within every challenge is an opportunity. We have learnt to respond positively to crises when they come our way by leaning on Jesus as the solid and dependable rock.

We have again learnt that, Jesus did not let the pain and agony of the “here and now” distract Him from His purpose, nor distract Him from the future! Jesus, as in all things, set the example for us! We will face discouraging times! troubled moments! We will find ourselves up against insurmountable odds! We will be misunderstood! But like Paul said, the sufferings of this present time cannot be compared to the glory that is awaiting us. (Romans 8:18) We have many examples in scripture to learn from, the Holy Spirit our best teacher and comforter is with us, we have fathers and mothers to take inspiration from in our troubled moment. We are definitely more than conquerors. The Lord bless and keep you as you wax strong in grace.