We thank God for this week’s devotions! Throughout the week our focus was on Genesis 37 where we gleaned important lessons from the life of a teenager, Joseph. We traced his background to see some of the things that contributed to his success story. We realized that Joseph was more loved than any of his brother but that did not make him a spoilt child. He rather exhibited good qualities of a successful youth such as exposing sin. We also inferred that he was humble, available, trustworthy and of much service and he persevered in the things that he did. We also realized that as youth we have to dream big about getting to the top in our chosen professions. We also have to dream big enough to achieve things that no one has been able to do in our families. When we dream, we should know the kind of people we share the dreams with because some people are dream killers. Out of jealousy they will go every extent to prevent the manifestation of your dreams but be rest assured that God will come through for you if you maintain good character and eschew hatred for others.