It has been a very exciting journey with the discussion on the topic Building on the Solid Foundation throughout the week. We started with Who the solid foundation is and from scriptures found out that there is no other foundation that can be laid except that which has been laid already which is Jesus Christ. Beside Him there is no other foundation which can hold any superstructure. On the second day we talked about the material we must gather which is the word of God. We would need enough of the word to build a formidable structure. Day three gave us a clue to build as wise builders or else we will suffer losses when the storms strike. The only way to build wisely is to be doers of the word of God not only the hearers or readers. There is no other option to this.

The fourth day placed on the table the seal of the foundation which has inscriptions on it. We discussed the fact that it is important not only to know the Lord but for Him to know us too. The Lord knows those who are His so let us build with sincerity and honesty. On the firth day we discussed the fact that all who call on the name of the Lord must depart from iniquity and love righteousness and the sixth day placed before us the blueprint of the building (Jesus Christ) and that serves as our guide in building and in how the building should look like at the end. It is my prayer that the lessons learnt in the Word throughout the week will stay with us forever as we are being built up into the image of the Son of God.