We have been looking at love with 1 Corinthians 13 as our reference. Our emphasis has been on the God-kind of love (agape). The Bible says that God is love hence by implication we can define love as God Himself.

From the Scriptures, we have come to understand that the exhibition of this kind of love is a must for all believers. We have come to understand that not all appearances of love may necessarily be love. As believers, we must desist from feigning love but rather demonstrate genuine love towards God and one another.

The many gifts we desire and yearn for must be demonstrated in love. We have also understood that love should be expressed without expecting anything in return. Love should not be expressed with any ulterior motive but should be genuine. Love is kind, patient, committed to unity and understanding. During the week, we also understood love is major component of the fruit of the Spirit. Also, love is the greatest of the three great Christian values; faith hope and love.