Over the week, we have walked through the journey of “the what and why” of keeping our priestly garments pure. We came to know that one key regalia peculiar to the Old Testament priests was the priestly garment. This garment we learnt was sacred such that, it gave the wearer honour, dignity and even the right standing with God.

We also came to realize that the New Testament church which includes every believer has also been positioned in the priesthood office, by reason of our faith in Christ Jesus our Lord. To that effect, the Bible identifies us as royal priesthood. It is in this frame of knowledge that we also learnt that the believer however does not need to put on physical regalia to give him or her right standing with God, but rather a spiritual priestly garment of purity which represents the very righteousness of God. And this we learnt was given to us the very day we were ushered into His kingdom (2 Corinthians 5:21).

We were also made to appreciate the fact that, we have a responsibility to keep this garment pure; with our attention drawn to the reality of false doctrines in our time that have sought to corrupt the minds of many believers. 

Like Daniel and his three friends, we were encouraged to purpose in our hearts even in the midst of this corrupt generation, never to bow down to the pressures of our time; knowing well that, we are not alone in this journey.