We discovered this week that the relevance of the church is in what she gives. Therefore, as a church, we are built to meet the intended purpose of giving what is needed and not just what is wanted or expected by society. The lame man was expecting money but the disciples who were equipped gave him the strength to walk.

We learnt that it is about time we stopped thinking church within the church building by going out to possess the nations with the gospel. Peter did not ask the onlookers to come into the temple before ministering to them the gospel but rather seized the opportunity to do church outside the church building.

The church of Jesus is not a timid one but bold and able to confront issues and situations by declaring the Truth not fearing for our lives.

Jesus said I will build my church and the gates of hades shall not prevail against it. Hence the church must see herself as that militant force coming with the power of the Holy Spirit to confront powers that be.

To possess the nations, we must intentionally “roar” aright with prayers from the right motive for boldness and wisdom to preach the Word with signs and wonders accompanying.

We also learnt that the early church saw themselves first as “believers” who had one heart and one soul and not as ethnic groups with different hearts and souls. This was the beginning of their understanding of real brotherly love and kindness towards one another. 

Finally, we saw that the Holy Spirit who had been the ambience within which the fellowship of the disciples revolved is called the Spirit of Truth. Therefore, any act or deed that falls short of the full Truth becomes false. No room for Duplicity but only Integrity! Hallelujah!