We have studied this week on living by faith. It takes faith to please God. It takes faith to follow God. The Christian race is run on the currency of faith so those who would place their faith in the Lord Jesus shall never be disappointed.

Many have placed their faith in their talent, skills, wealth, beauty, eloquence, background, certificates, but we are admonished by the word of God to live by faith in Jesus. Every accomplishment should be to the glory of God. We should aim at being earthly useful and eternally conscious.

God has placed a lot in us to use to glorify Him here on earth. In the face of opposition and prowls of the wicked, may we not be moved by what we see. God’s word for our lives shall surely be made manifest. The mouth of the Lord has spoken. Shall we appreciate God and lean on His promises. It’s never late with our God. We live by faith and not by sight. We are moved by the word of God.