We examined brotherly love and some attributes we need to have in our quest to walking in love with one another. We saw that nothing compares to the blessedness of living together as one because when brothers live together in peace and understanding, God pours His oil and dew on them. 

We learnt about the don’ts of love which among other things include the fact that Love is not jealous, it does not seek its own and is neither proud nor conceited. 

We also saw that our differences as individuals should rather complement us instead of dividing us because God made us to achieve a holistic purpose. Encouragement is like oxygen to the soul and, therefore, as humans, we do not have to be quick to criticize, lambast and punish but rather to encourage and give praise where it is due. 

In view of that, we do not have to desert our brothers, especially in difficult situations as we seek to understand them. By so doing we shall provide the needed support and positive criticism where it is due.