So far this week, we have learnt a number of ways and the need to gain financial freedom by starting well with money. For the Christian, learning God’s principles of finance, and practicing them in order to gain financial freedom, is actually a path to know Christ more intimately and be financially free to serve Him. This means, however, that you must trust God and be willing to submit to His will and direction.

Money is good, everyone should like money but must not love money or be a lover of money. For the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Tim. 6:10). When you love money, you would want to get it by all means even if it negates God’s standard. Every Christian should endeavour to work hard and make good financial decisions as God would bless the works of your hand so that you may bless others.

If you are serious about becoming financially free, you must trust God in all things and cultivate sound finance practices of savings and investments. Understand the need for multiple streams of income, break the habits that keep you in debt – like spending more than you earn. Save so that you do not have to borrow. Make your money work for you through investments.