Throughout the week, we have learnt what it takes to be a leader and the processes that one needs to go through to excel in leadership.

We observed the lives of great leaders in the Bible and the significant choices they made that led them to various degrees of successes in their leadership mandate. Notable amongst them were Daniel and his three friends, Joseph, Nehemiah and Elisha. They knew exactly what they were called to do and so they positioned themselves strategically at various points to ensure that they did not fail God and their generation.

Additionally, we examined some important points that when diligently followed and practiced will position us to be impactful in leadership. These were;

  • Preparing Yourself To Lead
  • Developing Personal Values
  • Acquiring The Requisite Knowledge
  • Having A Compelling Vision
  • Being Prepared To Face Opposition
  • Subjecting Yourself To Mentorship

As we follow these principles and commit our ways to the God who has called us, we are undoubtedly going to impact generations and influence many lives positively.

May the good Lord help us to become exceptional leaders to bring about the desired change we want to see in the areas of politics and governance, work, family, schools, communities, and the body of Christ.