Throughout this week, we have been looking at the ministry of an intercessor and what it entails. Every believer is an intercessor called by God to make things happen through our prayers of intercession. The nations cannot be subdued and transformed without prayers; the Church cannot overpower the kingdom of darkness without prayers. To wit, the possessing the nations’ agenda will remain only a mirage without intercessory prayers. Everything can be done and achieved when the Church is engaged in intercession.

An intercessor, properly so called, is one who is compelled by the love of Christ to make a petition to God on behalf of someone or in respect of a matter. Jesus Christ demonstrated this when He made a solemn prayer to the Father to redeem the lost, preserve the saved, unite the body of Christ, and prepare the Church for the future glory earmarked for the saints. More importantly, we learnt that intercession carries with it so much power, for which reason we cannot keep mute. Busy-bodying does not produce the desired results; rather, it is only the effectual fervent prayer of the saints that can bring the transformation and revival we seek in the nations. The church must therefore not be oblivious to this truth if we want to remain relevant and a force to reckon with in these last days. If Jesus interceded until his last breath, we dare not do anything less.