So far this week, we have come to know that God knew us and identified the light in us even before we came into the world. He gave us a purpose and the responsibility of being the light to the world when we believed in him.

Having identified this, we need to work at it. We need to live blameless, pure and faultless lives. Above all these, we need to hold firmly to the Word of God and bear in mind that there is a reward or loss for every work done.

We are the light of the world, and therefore cannot be hidden, as explained in Matthew 5:14-15. The world is looking up to us, the people in the community or space we find ourselves, are looking up to us to bring light to them, and to bring a solution to the moral decadence of this world. SHINE BRIGHTER!

There is a reason to brighten the corner where you are, as enshrined in the verse 16 of Mathew 5 and some other positions of Scripture and that is for the world to see your good works and glorify your father. I pray that after today, you will make a conscious effort to brighten the corner where ever you are as a representative of Christ. God’s most cherished, brighten the corner where you are.