We have gone through a master-servant relationship where the master has complete authority over the servant in directing the manner, place, and time of their services. The master has absolute control over the servant and hence the servant does not do anything without the consent of the master.

God is our Master and we are His bondservants. We no longer live on our own, but Christ Jesus now lives in us. Jesus Christ our Lord set a very high standard example when He laid aside His divine nature and took the form of a bondservant and died a shameful death on the cross for our redemption.

Knowing the will, ways, and interest of our God is very imperative in our walk with God. Eliezer knew the will of his master Abraham, and Apostle Paul even though has had many encounters with God, yet prayed that he would know Jesus more and more.

We concluded that commitment is the major mark in the life of a servant.