It is a fact that chastity is fading away in our world today, as we have looked at throughout this week. God, however, has a remnant who will set themselves apart from the standards of the world and demonstrate a godly life of purity. The Christian youth must flee from fornication and all other forms of sexual immorality. Christian married couples must be committed to their partners and avoid adultery while seeking to please God with their marriages. Christians must be on the lookout for things that draw their minds and hearts to immorality and declare war against them, distancing themselves from them.

As a young person, you must make it a matter of importance to set boundaries when it comes to chastity and purity and be careful of relationships that easily lead you into sin. Also, treat your young lady friends as sisters, and older women as mothers, all with absolute purity. Purity goes beyond sexual morality and affects your conduct and thoughts. Your behaviour and thoughts toward others must be with purity. This is the way the Master expects you to go.