This week has been very exciting. We have been looking at the Christian youth and fashion. Fashion began when God covered Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This shows that covering is very important. We have also looked at dressing modestly and decently as Christians, and not following fashion trends, for not all things are acceptable. As young believers, you don’t have to overdo things; you must portray Christ wherever you find yourself.

The world now accepts so many things, including things that were considered immoral in the past. We have to remember that we are in this world, but we are not of this world. Nudity is being promoted everywhere, on social media, on television and on other mediums. There are certain hairstyles that are not appropriate for you as a Christian, such as long braids that ‘sweep the floor’. Heavy make-up that makes you unrecognizable should also be avoided.

Look fashionable but very decent and modest. Let people decipher between you and the people of the world. Guard your choices, don’t buy clothes you don’t need, have a great fashion sense, and give the clothes you don’t need out. Plan on accessories, shoes, bags and clothes to buy so you don’t spend unnecessarily. Arrange the things in your wardrobe or closet neatly to avoid rummaging. With the little you have, look your best when you step out. Make sure you dress appropriately for every occasion and don’t put undue pressure on yourself to get new clothes or an accessory for every occasion.

May the Lord grant us grace so that we can go the way of the Lord and that our appearance will spring out of a quiet and gentle inner beauty.