We now understand how God desires the church and individuals to commune with Him and amongst ourselves in everyday life through singing. Holy Spirit-inspired music has the power to transform and change situations. God’s people must understand the biblical foundations of Christian worship and the kind of songs we should fill our hearts with.

As the world becomes more interested in oral tradition as one of its major ways of passing on information, Christians should seize the opportunity to affect our generation through sound musical practices.

Music has a great influence on character development and so we should always use songs that are Bible-based in its lyrical construction. We should examine the lyrics, purpose, and motive of each song and be sure it carries God’s message before enjoying it. We should not enjoy it because of the instrumentation because there a lot of songs with no anointing.

Any music that draws you into the presence of the Lord, glorifies the name of Jesus, and fills your heart with joy or reverence before Him – that is music created through man by the Holy Spirit. He composes music that is anointed with His presence.

We are to use psalms, hymns, spiritual songs to teach the word of God in and outside the church setting. We are also to comfort and edify the church through songs.


Dear Jesus, even as I yearn to affect my life and my world through Holy Spirit-inspired music, I subject my musical judgment to your Spirit, take absolute control on my perception about the choices of the songs I sing and enjoy.