It is gratifying to know that God has chosen to use you and me to possess the nations. In God’s agenda, He has you in mind and wants to use you to fulfil this mandate. He has therefore called you as His ambassador, to make known to the nations, the Kingdom’s principles and values. Through you, the fragrance of God must fill every place you go to.

In order to achieve God’s purpose as an ambassador, you must uphold the Kingdom’s principles and values. Some of the principles we discussed during the week are the principle of work and the principle of service (serve one another in love). Also, some values which must be held on so dearly have been discussed during the week. These values are demonstrating integrity in word and deed, being humble, and showing contentment.

As an ambassador, exhibiting these principles and values will draw many to Christ and thus you will be achieving your overall purpose on earth. Be a proud ambassador of heaven and fulfil your divine mandate on earth.